Below are the current prices for my services which include portraits in coloured pencil and graphite in various sizes. The pricing for graphite portraits is slightly cheaper than coloured pencil portraits as they are quicker to complete. If you have a specific size in mind that is not listed, feel free to contact me for a personalized quote. Please note that although I have experience with human portraits I am currently focusing on and opening commissions for pet portraits only. Portraits of pets that include a human may be considered, depending on quality of references.

Pricing Guide


A4 paper- mounted to 16 x 12". Best for head/bust. 1 subject £130

11x 17" paper -(just short of A3 11.7 x 16.5). Mounted to 16 x 20". Best for Head/bust/Individual/multiple animals.

1 subject £260

Multiple subjects in colour or graphite

Ask me for a quote

Generally more than 1 subject is more suitable for 11 x 17 size to allow enough room for details

Graphite (greyscale)

A4 paper- mounted to 16x 12". Best for head/bust. 1 subject £100

11 x 17" paper- (just short of A3 11.7 x 16.5"). Mounted to 16x 20". Best for head/bust/Individual/multiple animals.

1 subject £230.

(Please note more complex design such as that above will incur additional fee for background work- ask for quote).

Each unique pet portrait is hand-drawn on high quality artist's paper using only lightfast colours, this ensures that my artwork lasts for a lifetime. Each drawing comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Depending on the size of a piece, a drawing can take between 20- 100+ hours to complete. Lots of layering is required with pencils to bring depth and vibrancy to colours and tones. Please be mindful of the time taken to create these bespoke artworks when it comes to the pricing. Timescale to complete depends on size and complexity but can be confirmed on enquiry.

A4 paper mounted to 16 x 12"

11x 17 " paper mounted to 16 x 20"


Reference photos info

As an artist whose work is heavily focused on detail, I require clear and accurate reference photos to create the best possible portraits. It is important that the photos are taken in natural daylight and outdoors, as this will ensure that the colors and features are captured accurately. The eyes are my favorite part of any portrait, so please make sure they are captured up close. An angle straight on is best, as from above can distort and affect the final outcome. Multiple photos can be merged to create a portrait with more than one subject. However, I do understand that in some cases, such as memorial portraits, it may not be possible to obtain a clear reference photo. If this is the case, please contact me and we can discuss how to proceed.

In order to confirm your commission booking with me, I ask for a 50% upfront deposit payment of the total price. Once the portrait is complete and you approve the images I have sent you, I require the remaining payment. Payments can be made via either bank transfer or Paypal. As soon as I have received the final payment, I will send the drawing to you via tracked delivery. If you are gifting the drawing and do not want spoilers to be shown on my social channels, please let me know. The drawing will be mounted (not framed) and securely packaged for delivery. UK mainland delivery is free, while international shipping will be charged separately. I use Transglobal express for shipping outside the UK. I ship worldwide, price conversion is as per the exchange rate at time of booking. Due to tax differences, I am not liable for any customs tax you may be charged.

You can opt to pay in instalments if you prefer- contact me to arrange a payment plan that works for you and your timeframe.


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